Welcome to the 2015 Festival preparations…come and join us.

Cock and Magpie Morris team at the English Afternoon outside Libbys.

Cock and Magpie Morris team at the English Afternoon outside Libbys.

If the Chatsworth Road Festival is a new concept, hopefully you will find the following information useful. If however you have taken part before – please accept this as a massive THANK YOU!

Thursday 1 October – Sunday 4 October 2015. Following useful feedback, Festival 2015 will run over 4 instead of 9 days, hoping to create a bigger buzz of activity over a shorter period of time.

But What is the Festival? Since 2011 the Chatsworth Road Festival celebrates life on and around Chatsworth Road by bringing local businesses, community groups, residents, schools and churches together, through interesting and entertaining events. It is an opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, try new things and buy new things – in the hope of creating a stronger community spirit. If you are not already involved, we would love you to feel part of this year’s Festival – whether you Create a Festival Curry; Busk in the Rain; Taste Teas; Learn about Herbs; Make Bunting; Have a Party or join a Quiz Night-there’s something for everyone. 1st- 4th October 2015

How does it happen? There is a small group of volunteers who steer the festival [new faces always welcome – and needed!]. We basically co-ordinate, encourage and support people who would like to take part. Often people want to participate but need help with ideas. We try to offer suggestions, and connect like-minded people [where appropriate and mutually beneficial]. But more importantly, the festival wouldn’t happen without businesses, groups and residents embracing the idea and organising imaginative ways in which to engage our community. There is no obligation to put on an event, but the more going on, the better for everyone!

Sounds good but I have no idea how to get involved? No worries – that’s what we are here for! We have coordinators for various categories of participation, so whether you are a school, business, community group or pub – get in touch and we’ll get the relevant coordinator to contact you. Whatever you do – does not have to cost money to organise, and we will produce blank ‘Festival bordered’ posters for you to personalise, to help make it easy to take part. This year – to make it simpler, one of our businesses has suggested we encourage a Discount Day – or even the weekend! Once you have decided to participate, we need your details and the registration form. Due to printing deadlines; personal commitments; holidays; and the need to be ready for distribution of the Official Festival Guide at the end of August, the deadline for registration is Friday 3rd July. [If you ask nicely, your coordinator might even fill the form in for you!

Publicity.  S40 sponsor the Festival and advertise it massively, as well as produce our Official Festival Guide – Thank You Paul and the S40 Team! Nearer the time we will be asking you to display our official posters so that we get maximum publicity. The success of your individual event however does rely on your own publicity, whether social media, customer data base or word of mouth! Please note, that the festival guides, posters and any other resource/publicity we would like to provide, are all dependant on successful grant applications. Our budget is ‘nil’, so a voluntary donation of £10 with your registration, in lieu of posters and guides, would be gratefully received. Nearer the time we will be encouraging you to put up bunting, balloons, flags and ribbons – anything colourful that will attract attention. Who knows – we might even run a competition for the most originally decorated premises!

Please Get in Touch If You……

Would like to help plan, organise and support the Festival as part of the committee?

Need some ideas to start you thinking how you could join the fun?

Need an email version of the event/activity registration form to save you [and us] time?

Need any more information, help or support? Email us on chatsworthroadfestival@gmail.com


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