News about the 2015 Festival.

The Festival Group has not been idle since October 2014. We have met several times, tea and coffee has been drunk (thanks Shirley), ideas have been suggested, roles have been changed, volunteers have been sought but most significantly – the dates have been altered for 2015. The Festival will be shorter and we hope busier as we’d love to see as many events happening but over four days instead of nine.

So the dates for 2015 are 1st-4th October. Quick, write it down. Circle those dates in the diary. Ring friends. Cancel your holidays.

Please get involved. We’d love to hear more of what you liked and ideas for new events. Got a great idea? Get in touch The Festival is about everything that happens along the road – a real community festival – so if you are part of a group, a church, a bunch of crazy friends, a business please thing of a way to be involved.

We are all volunteers and we’re always looking for new people to take on a role. Email us if you feel that you’d like to be a Festival Friend or a Festival Maker.


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