Get involved – bunting making workshop, 17/09/14

Now we have some bunting from last year’s wonderful bunting makers but it is not enough. Oh no, no,  no – not by a long way and Chatsworth Road top to bottom is a long way. Morrisons were a great help to the festival last year by putting up posters, giving out guides, making instore announcements about the Festival but also by running a bunting making workshop.

This year Morrisons are repeating all their marvellous help and we’d love you to get involved with the bunting making. The workshop is on Wednesday 17th September, 10am-3pm at St Thomas’ Centre. Bring your own scissors, pins and machines (if possible). All hands are welcome.

For more details, contact, call the store 01246 211060 and ask for Mandy Quinn or just turn up on the day. Tea, coffee and biscuits on Morrisons. Can’t be bad.


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