Good News for our Treasurer

I’m pleased to say that after approaching the Walton and West Community Forum last week we have been awarded some money. Not a fortune, in fact £499 to be exact. We plan to use this money to get the Festival Guides printed as well as other publicity material such as posters & flyers.

This is good news for Colin, our Treasurer, he is often referred to as the Treasure without any treasure. It means the job is quite easy in one respect but a little money does make it more interesting for him. So thank you to the Community Forum and we will spend your money wisely.

Now you know what I’m going to say next – come on Folks, let’s have some more event forms returned. They are coming in but there are still a lot of folks at the ‘talking’ stage. You have until the 30th June 2012 to get the forms back to the Chatsworth Road Festival group. Let’s hope that this Jubilee weekend has given you time to think and plan for our own celebration. (I’ve ordered better weather than the Queen has had – well it worked last October!)


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