Planning an event for the festival.

Skipping (circa 1930)

Skipping by Sylvia Venus

We are beginning to hear from people who are planning an event for the 2012 Festival & event forms are starting to be returned. Keep it up, folks. The more the merrier, in my view. I thought that you might be interested in hearing about how people & groups decide to get involved, so here is how one group has dipped a toe into the water.

Once again, the story starts in Created Gallery with a friend & customer chatting to me about what’s been going on in their life. They happened to mention that they are part of a local drama group. The group took a short play written by one of their members to compete in the Derby Arts Festival. It was more for the experience than with any thought of winning but much to their shock, they won their category.

After offering my congratulations, I wondered if the group had thought had performing at the Chatsworth Road Festival as at least one member of the group lived close by. So I printed out an events form & we had a chat about which venues might suit the group. The piece is short (about 20 mins) & could be performed outside but might need to move inside if it rains. There were very few props & no scenery. Thinking around the problem, we came up with a few pubs who might be willing to host the event.

The next step will be to chat to others in the group then to find a venue to approach. The pubs, churches & schools are worth considering when you think about venues. If your event is short & might attract customers then a pub is worth approaching. After all, most entertainments are better with a pint!

So if you are wobbling about organising something then remember where the stories begin… pop into Created for a chat. I can’t organise it for you but I can point you in the direction so you can do it or point you to a person who would like to organise it with you.

And what’s all this to do with the image at the top of this post – ‘Skipping by Sylvia Venus’? Well, if all goes well & we see this theatre group at the Festival then all will be revealed!


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