Get planning!

Last year's Clutter Clearance - will you be joining in this year?

Last month I told you that the event forms were available and folks have begun to contact the Festival Group with their ideas for events. We have some old favourites coming back such as the Food Fair at St Thomas’ – it will be the Food Fair’s first birthday of course. A new event that we’ve heard of is Brampton Community Band’s plan to take part in the Big National Ceilidh which is a worldwide ceilidh or barn dance. The 2012 event will take place on Saturday 13 October. The event will unite the world (including Chatsworth Road) in support of WaterAid as thousands of people across the globe dance to raise funds and awareness to make a difference to the lives of those living without safe water and sanitation. You can find out more about the worldwide event on the website I believe that the band has more ideas for that day but I’ve not had their event form so I can’t tell you anymore.

There’s been murmurings of a return of the Cock & Magpie morris team – they stopped the traffic last year as they danced outside of Mesamis for the afternoon tea brigade. I’m hoping to join in with the Clutter Clearance this year which I’ve heard will be the first Sunday morning (7th October). Maybe you’d like to organise one with your neighbours? My final snippet is that Westfield School have been doing some fabulous art work based on our area & I believe that there will be an opportunity to see the work exhibited during the Festival.

If any of these events have got you thinking then get together with some friends & plan something for the Festival. Maybe you’d love to see a New Orleans Jazz band parade up & down the road – then get going & make it happen. We are happy to talk over ideas with you but do remember that you are the one to plan the events – we let people know that it’s happening through the guide.

The website has a Google calendar which will start to show dates for events as we receive conformation that they are happening. Event forms can be downloaded here 2012 event form. The forms are very simple and help the team to make the Festival Guide but if you have any problems contact me through Created Gallery or by email info@createdgallery. Meanwhile you can follow us on Twitter (@chatsrdfestival), find us on Facebook (Chatsworth Road Festival) or follow our blog (


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