Introducing the festival theme for 2012

Dear Folks of Chatsworth Road

This month I would like to introduce the theme for this year’s festival and hope that it sparks ideas. The purpose of the Festival will always remain the same: to celebrate living and working on Chatsworth Road but we would like each year to have a different theme. At our first meeting in 2012, we put on our thinking hats and looked at what was happening this year which might inspire us. With the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, the World is making its way to the UK in 2012 so we felt that this year’s Festival should reflect this. The Olympic torch might be passing close by but I doubt that the Queen is planning to do her shopping down Chatsworth Road. However we did notice that Chatsworth Road has many connections to the wider world: tea & coffee from the Northern Tea Merchants, rugs & carpets from Select Interiors, flower deliveries from Holland and a range of cuisines from many parts of the world.  So our theme this year is

‘The World On Our Doorstep’

Another development from last year’s festival is that we would like people in groups, societies or churches to organise special events around this theme. Last year we were happy to have a few specially organised events for the Festival with a large range of ‘this happens all the time but did you know about it’ listings. For 2012 we are hoping that every event listed in the Festival Guide has been specially organised for the Festival. As we have said before, we don’t organise events – you do. This is your chance to add something special to Chatsworth Road & the surrounding area, please make the most of it. Next month I’ll be telling you more about how to get your event into the Festival Guide but for now I’m asking you to start planning & plotting for 6th-14th October 2012.

If you would like offer your help in any way, please contact me or Paul Chapman. Paul’s contact details are at the front of S40 Local and I can be reached through Created Gallery or by email info@createdgallery. Meanwhile you can follow us on Twitter (@chatsrdfestival), find us on Facebook (Chatsworth Road Festival) or follow our blog (

Best wishes to you all

Deirdre Gage

Chair of the Chatsworth Road Festival Group


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