Dear Folks of Chatsworth Road.

Here is a letter from the Chair of the Festival group which was published in the current S40Local magazine. Our next planning meeting is on 8th February and we’ll be discussing plans for involving more local businesses as well as improving publicity for the Festival.

Dear Folks of Chatsworth Road,

I would like to thank you all for supporting our first Chatsworth Road Festival. It happened:  which was a miracle in itself considering the short time we gave ourselves to make it happen and our budget (non-existent until the last minute, then small). But it did happen and the sun shone on us for the start of the festival. People walked up and down Chatsworth Road to visit familiar places as well as discover some new ones. The popular Food Fair was started and we even had a poem written about Chatsworth Road. We celebrated life on Chatsworth Road which was the Festival’s aim.

Now we are starting to plan for the 2012 Festival – well done to those who noticed the word ‘first’ in my opening sentence, yes there will be more. This seems a good moment to explain who we are:

  • Deirdre Gage from Created Gallery, local resident & Chairperson
  • Paul Chapman from S40 Local, local resident & Secretary
  • Colin Harrison local resident & Treasurer
  • Clare Gage, local resident & artist
  • Shirley Niblock, local councillor
  • Sallyanne Beecham, St Thomas’ Centre co-ordinator

We form the Chatsworth Road Festival Group & our aim is to organise the Festival each year. I hope that we can introduce ourselves more in future editions ofS40 Local. This year we have given ourselves more time to get to grips with issues like publicity, contacting a larger number of businesses & households along Chatsworth Road and encouraging people to plan more ambitious events to take place during the Festival. We will be announcing a theme for this year’s festival in the next S40 Local but our aim is to celebrate living & working around Chatsworth Road.

If you would like to organise an event or offer your help in any way, please contact me or Paul Chapman. Paul’s contact details are at the front of S40 Local and I can be reached through Created Gallery or by email info@createdgallery. Meanwhile you can follow us on Twitter (@chatsrdfestival), find us on Facebook (Chatsworth Road Festival) or follow our blog (


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