The planning starts here!

Just a quick post to let you know that we are starting our planning for the 2012 Chatsworth Road Festival today. If you have any ideas for the event, please get in touch through S40 Local or on our Facebook page or here. We are looking for events that you organise – your business, your church, your community group. The Festival is about the people in & around Chatsworth Road: their work, lives, hobbies and talents. So if you are part of a choir and would like to be involved, get in touch & we’ll help you find a venue then list you in the Festival Guide.

Once again we are planning on a wing and a prayer but no money. This is a community festival and it is what we, the community, make of it. If it didn’t happen last year, then why don’t you make it happen this year? More posters needed? Are you a printer who could do some for the Festival? You are very welcome to add your logo onto each of them.

If the Chatsworth Road Festival has a motto then it must be Necessity is the Mother of Invention, so get inventing ways to celebrate our lives around here but on a shoestring budget. We know it can be done, we’ve managed once already (can’t expect the weather every year though).


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