Update on the weekend 1st/2nd October.

Well didn’t we have wonderful weather for the launch of the Festival? There were plenty of crossed fingers for a fine weekend and all our wishes were granted by the weather fairy. The Food Fair at St Thomas’ was a roaring success with an estimated 800 people attending. People enjoyed the event so much that the Church is organising a monthly Food Fair starting next month, Sat 5th November.

Mayor Peter Barr at St Thomas' Food Fair.

It was great to hear that Brampton Courtyard had lots of visitors. It is one of the hidden treasures of the area & well worth seeking out. I believe that the photographer from the Derbyshire Times was taking photographs down there, so look out for this week’s edition to find out more.

On Sunday there were several houses having clutter clearances in their front gardens – hopefully this will be a bigger part of next year’s festival. It’s always good to have a sort out every so often & better to help your old possessions find new homes than just be thrown away to create more space.

The weather was a little cooler than Saturday, which proved popular with the Chesterfield Cock & Magpie Morris dancers & the Chesterfield Garland Dancers. They performed between Mesamis & Koo cafes to the enjoyment of both sets of customers as well as quequing traffic on Chatsworth Road.


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