Chatsworth Road is Paris, Derbyshire

Chatsworth Road is Paris, Derbyshire,

the Champs Elysées for the Chesterfield shopper.

It’s hip, and only a step to the Hipper.

“You can live and die on Chatsworth Road, duck”-

everything you need, from nappies to coffins,

pubs, potteries, churches, Tinny Johnson,

Robbo’s, Hattersley, Mr.English, Pogson’s.

“Hop on, duck. Last tram to the Terminus.”

Where St. Thomas’s bells ring the kitchens.

Now stamp your card, do the Brampton Mile,

do the shop, do the hop, do the Brampton stomp.

The road out west to a dream called Derbyshire.

S40, it’s the new Montmartre,

cafés, books, knitters and croissants.

And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jarvis Cocker.

Matt Black


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