A joyful meeting with the new Derbyshire Poet Laureate – Matt Black.

Earlier this week I told you that I was to meet the DPL (Derbyshire Poet Laureate) but their identity was secret, totally hush hush. I have been given official permission to reveal that the DPL for the next 2 years is Matt Black from Sheffield http://matt-black-words.co.uk . We had a great meeting & Matt is delighted to be involved in the festival. He was very surprised to hear how much is going on round here & was scribbling notes as I tried to give a flavour of what it means to be ‘celebrating life on Chatsworth Road’.

We’ve got some more talking to do after the weekend & after Matt has had a good look at the listings for the Festival. The working title for his contribution is ‘Pop Ins, Poems & Pints’  as Matt would like to pop in to a wide variety of events during the Festival, read poetry or write poetry and do some of that in a few pubs, as well. Matt was keen to follow through with the Festival & work with us again for 2012 (oh yes, we’re already looking to make the Festival an annual event).

So that’s all for now. Please show your friends & neighbours our feature in this week’s Derbyshire times & let them know about the Festival. Those who get S40local delivered should be looking for  it in the next week. Those who don’t get it delivered, try www.s40local.co.uk to read a copy on-line.

Best wishes to you all: friends, neighbours & colleagues,

Deirdre Gage, Chair of the Chatsworth Road Festival Group.


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