Meeting the new Derbyshire Poet Laureate… in secrecy!

We have got one big secret at the moment… & that is the identity of the new Derbyshire Poet Laureate. I can tell you that the person will be involved in the Chatsworth Road Festival in their role as Derbyshire Poet Laureate (hereafter refered to as DPL) & that it will be their first engagement as the DPL.

You probably would like to know a bit more about the DPL & the history of the post. Well here goes. The role was developed by Derbyshire County Council in 2005 to promote & raise the profile of poetry. Also it to was to celebrate Derbyshire people, places & traditions through poetry.

Over the last 6 years more than 5000 people have been involved with the Laureates. The Laureates have been River Wolton, Cathy Grindrod & Ann Atkinson with the new Laureate appointed in August this year. They will be ‘revealed’ on National Poetry Day Thursday 6th October – yes, right in the middle of our Chatsworth Road Festival but I don’t think that it will be at the Festival.

The Derbyshire Poet Laurete is an honorary position & the tenure runs for 2 years from October 2011 to September 2013. So we hope to have the DPL back with us for next year’s festival when we can use their real name instead of dpl!

I’m meeting with ‘dpl’ this afternoon to discuss how they see their role at the Chatsworth Road Festival so if you see a heavily disguised figure entering Created… don’t panic it’s either the ‘dpl’ or a customer with a strange fashion sense!


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