How did it all begin?

Well it all began with a lady called Di… She wrote this letter to Paul Chapman of S40 Local…

Good morning Paul.

On a recent visit to S40 to visit my dad on Sommersall Lane I came across your S40 lying beside Derbyshire Life in his sitting room. What a lovely surprise to find such a professional and interesting magazine just about S40. Prompted by S40, instead of taking the car into ‘town’ I set off to walk the length of Chatsworth Road from Sommersall Lane to the big roundabout by Dunelm. Well that was my intention!

I visited Created and Mesamis, spent shed loads of money and had lovely green gunpowder tea and cakes! I was also fascinated to see the developments at the church due to open soon.

Congratulations on your great magazine. I look forward to my next visit to my Dad to continue my journey down Chatsworth Road…if I can get past the shops near the church.

Best wishes, Di.

It was Di’s comment as she left Created that started the ball rolling. She said “You should have a Chatsworth Road Festival.” Well Di, it’s almost ready for you – do come back to visit.


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